Larvicide Treatment

Short-term measures involving the targeted use of environmentally friendly and specific larvicides are sometimes necessary to avert immediate health concerns and can also be used effectively to control nuisance mosquitoes. A larvicide is an insecticide that specifically targets the larval development stages of an insect. They may be synthetic chemicals or biological control agents.

When larvicidal treatment is required, Culex's preferred choices under our licence to carry out mosquito and biting fly pest control are Bsph (Bacillus sphaericus) and Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). These mosquito-specific, environmentally friendly bacterial larvicides are used throughout North America in areas affected by WNv to control WNv vectors. Despite numerous studies to date, no significant deleterious effects have been discovered on non-target organisms. 

Certified, trained pesticide applicators calculate the amount of larvicide required to treat the size of the treatment area and spread it evenly across the site to ensure effective application and minimise any unnecessary application.  Application is usually delivered by hand or blower, but occasionally by helicopter. Safety requirements are paramount and are adhered to at all times.  Where required, notice of treatment signs are posted prior to treatment.