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Integrated Mosquito Management Program



Now that West Nile virus is in British Columbia, golf courses across the province are on increased alert and should consider taking additional proactive measures to minimize the threat to their clients and staff. Members especially need to be aware of this important issue and be given guidance on effective precautionary measures.


The Culex Environmental IMMPACTTM Golf Program is designed specially for your golf course. IMMPACTTM uses carefully aimed treatments and natural control strategies to eliminate mosquitoes primarily in their aquatic larval stages. Adult mosquito management can also be addressed if necessary.


  • Targets specific disease-carrying mosquito species
  • Incorporates natural mosquito control techniques, such as vegetation enhancement and green aeration technologies
  • Employs ecologically-friendly bacterial larvicides to kill mosquito larvae
  • Conducted discreetly, with the strictest standards of professionalism, cleanliness and etiquette 

IMMPACTTM - Integrated Mosquito Management Program

Culex Environmental’s IMMPACTTM Golf Program has a proactive phased design:

1) Evaluation: Assessing distribution of vector mosquito species and identifying breeding habitats

2) Planning: Formulating a targeted mosquito management plan specific to your course

3) Implementation: Conducting ecologically-sound mosquito management

4) Adaptive Management: Monitoring success and responding to changing conditions

5) Education: Increasing awareness of WNv through posters, brochures and presentations, plus advice on best use of repellents 


Our Gold, Silver and Green packages include combinations of the following components:*

• Complete course assessment and management plan

• Larval surveillance and identification

• Environmentally-friendly bacterial larvicide treatment

• Adult mosquito trapping and identification

• Weekly WNv Updates and Monthly Reporting via Secure Website

• Annual report with recommendations and analysis

• Evaluation of green technology options

• Evaluation of habitat modification options

• Studies of mosquito predators

*See our current price list for details