Education, Communications and Dialogue Facilitation

Culex Environmental offers customized educational services related to mosquito management and reducing Public Health risk from vector-borne diseases. These include:

  • Educational workshops, including our popular 'Mosquito School'
  • IMMPACT ® Larval Monitoring and Control Training
  • Adult trap Set-up and Operation workshop
  • Mosquito identification workshop
  • Production of brochures, posters and other print materials
  • Educational videos and DVDs 

West Nile virus Mosquito School - full day

Informative seminar series that can include:

  • West Nile virus information
  • The mosquito life cycle
  • WNv vector species ecology
  • The Integrated Mosquito Management Program (IMMP ® ) process
  • Environmentally-sensitive methods of mosquito control
  • Personal protection against WNv
  • Use of mosquito repellents

IMMPACT ® Larval Monitoring and Control Training - full day

Field-based workshop instructing on larval mosquito sampling techniques, including:

  • Identifying mosquito breeding locations
  • Using GPS units
  • Sampling techniques and protocols
  • Sample collection, preservation, storage and shipping for identification
  • Applying larvicides
  • Record keeping and simple GIS mapping

IMMPACT ® Adult Trap Set-up and Operation Workshop - half day

Workshop advising on the operation of CDC Light Traps and Gravid Traps, including:

  • Identifying suitable locations
  • Operating procedures
  • Carbon dioxide sources
  • Infusions
  • Sample collection, preservation, storage and shipping for identification

Mosquito identification Workshop - full day

Workshop involving hands-on identification of adult and larval mosquitoes, including:

  • How to get the most from a binocular microscope
  • How to use a simple dichotomous key
  • How to preserve and label larval specimens
  • How to mount, label and store adult specimens
  • The provision of Culex reference collections to test participants
  • Shortcuts to keying out WNv species 


For more information on any of these workshops or educational services please contact us.