Mosquitoes Ready in Edmonton

June 5, 2012, 10:14 a.m.

They're out there and they're waiting.

"They're ready to go."

One year after the worst spring in memory for mosquitoes, 2012 has seen nary a bite.

But be warned, said City of Edmonton mosquito expert Mike Jenkins.

"At some point we could definitely see large numbers of mosquitoes again," he said. "All it takes is just the right precipitation conditions and, sort of, the right temperatures to activate those eggs again and they'll be out.

"Our mosquitoes are highly adapted to the drought conditions across the Prairies."

Jenkins isn't finding any mosquitoes in some of the city's traps.

"We had almost no precipitation going into December, we had very little snow on the ground," he said. "We didn't have that initial snowpack that provided that first burst of mosquito activity."

The city also started an earlier spraying program this spring.

But Jenkins said there is no way to kill the millions of dormant eggs in ponds and bogs as insecticides only work once the mosquitoes hatch.

"Looks pretty good over the next week," said Jenkins. "Beyond that, it all depends on what's happening in terms of rainfall.

"It's impossible to predict exactly what's going to happen for the rest of the year."


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