Mosquito Chokes Taiwanese TV

July 27, 2010, 11:07 a.m.

23rd July, 2010  

A Taiwanese TV presenter was hospitalised after she choked on a mosquito during a live broadcast.

The moment Huang Ching swallows a mosquito.   (Picture: Sky  News/Youtube)  
The moment Huang Ching swallows a mosquito. (Picture: Sky News/Youtube)

Huang Ching was presenting a live news programme, when a rogue mosquito flew into her mouth.

The creature managed to lodge itself in Ching's windpipe, causing her to choke - though in an amazing display of professionalism Ching attempted to continue her broadcast.

The China Television Co had to rush out a four-minute advert while a replacement presenter was drafted in to carry on the news.

'I never expected a mosquito to have such a great power. It really gave me a bad day,' Ching told the China Times. Ching was rushed to hospital following the incident, and spent a day under observation to recover.

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