Malaria in Africa After Abuja Declaration

July 19, 2010, 8:33 a.m.

Lancet Viewpoint Examines Malaria In Africa 10 Years After Abuja Declaration

A Lancet Viewpoint examines the problems and prospects in malaria control since the Abuja Declaration was signed 10 years ago with the goal of halving malaria mortality in Africa by 2010. "There is an obvious euphoric sense that elimination might be possible when low levels of transmission have been reached. However, the move from low prevalence to no transmission is not simply a matter of 'more of the same' and a final push. A fundamentally different approach is needed, " according to the authors. The authors advocate "low endemic control" so that the disease can "be reduced from a major public health priority to a fairly minor burden on already stretched health systems." They conclude: "This goal is admittedly less attractive than elimination or eradication, but it is achievable, its financing requirements are predictable, and its effects are measurable. Achieving this public health benefit across Africa within the next 10--20 years would leave a legacy that the global community could be proud of in 2030" (Snow/March, 7/10).

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