Culex Environmental Goes Carbon Neutral

Sept. 2, 2010, 12:38 p.m.

To offset Culex Environmental’s carbon footprint for providing mosquito control services, Culex has purchased carbon offsets from Less Emissions Inc.  According to the guide “Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Businesses, and Organizations” released in July 2009, Less was ranked as the highest quality offset provider in the report using criteria established by the Pembina Institute and the David Suzuki Foundation.  With the purchase of these offsets Culex Environmental is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. 

“Less has chosen to exclusively sell Gold Standard-certified offsets. These offsets are sourced from renewable energy projects which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing fossil fuel-based (coal, oil and natural gas-based) electricity generation.  The Gold Standard is an internationally recognized carbon offset standard for quality, endorsed by leading environmental groups including WWF International, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the Pembina Institute. Gold Standard-certified projects are international projects which are additional and independently validated by accredited third party verifiers to ensure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions have occurred according to the approved Kyoto methodologies. Verification of projects that meet Gold Standard certification confirms that the emission reductions not only create positive impacts on the environment, but also on the social networks and the local economy in which they operate. “  ( – Accessed August 10, 2010).

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