Alberta WNv Death

Oct. 15, 2012, 10:31 a.m.

A person has died from the West Nile virus in southern Alberta.

Alberta Health Services says it’s the first death related to the virus since 2007.

Ten cases of the infection have been reported in Alberta this year.

Alberta Health Services is not releasing any information about the person who died, nor will it say anything about the other nine cases.

The government agency will only say that there were seven cases in the south zone, and one each in the Calgary, central and north zones.

Ontario has had four deaths attributed to West Nile this year.

Public Health Ontario says there have been 220 confirmed and probable cases in the province as of Sept. 25.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says that as of Sept. 29 there were 386 reported clinical cases of West Nile virus across the country. That was up from 102 cases in 2011.

Mosquito bites can result in two different forms of West Nile infection: non-neurological syndrome and the potentially fatal neurological syndrome. The latter can cause tremors, drowsiness, confusion, difficulty swallowing, high fever, unconsciousness and paralysis.

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