Research and Development

Recent and ongoing research activities at Culex Environmental include:

  • Assessing the timing and duration of mosquito breeding in catch basins.
  • Studying egg laying patterns in Culex pipiens.
  • Studying the effectiveness of attractants and trap placement of CDC light traps.
  • Assessing of the effects of adjacent land use on West Nile virus vector abundance in catch basins and surface waters.
  • Assessing the effect of cleaning catch basins and the build up of organic matter content on mosquito production.
  • Precisely defining the habitat preferences of West Nile virus vector mosquito species
  • Researching the comparative effectiveness of different larval controls methods, particularly in catch basins.
  • Researching the effectiveness of natural control methods.
  • Plotting the distribution of corvid bird roosts in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and investigating dispersal and migration patterns of corvids
  • Researching the effects of different adjacent land uses on mosquito species composition and production in ditches in Surrey.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of Mosquito Magnets to control West Nile vector and nuisance mosquitoes.
  • Researching the effectiveness of using green technologies for larval control in ponds.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of mechanical methods for control of Aedes togoi in stagnant pools.
  • Researching Innovative Stormwater Management Techniques.