Our Commitment


  • To Environmental Sustainability: With IMMPACT® we recognize that sensitive ecosystems where rare species may be at risk require equally sensitive control methods. Our proactive mosquito management approach and custom treatment programs are designed to cause minimal environmental impact.
  • To Financial Sustainability: The IMMPACT® ensures financial sustainability by identifying specific problem areas and avoiding blanket treatments. This targeted approach dramatically reduces larvicide and application costs.  By helping to improve human health, our approach also reduces medical costs and impacts of lost work days.
  • To Social Sustainability: We recognize that the community plays a key role in helping to reduce mosquito development sites and in using repellents to avoid bites. We believe in making contact with local communities to explain our approach, ask for feedback and recruit community involvement.  Social benefits of the Culex IMMP® approach include an informed and engaged population, fewer complaints about the use of harmful chemicals, and reduced health risks for current and future generations. 
  • To Sound Science: We believe in robust scientific research and are strongly connected to the scientific establishment.